Brief introduction;

Automatic sonic nozzle gas meter test bench G1.6-G4 is an equipment to test domestic gas meter, the flow range 0.016m3/h~6m3/h, adopting series-connection compare method. It is an ideal testing equipment for gas meter factory and R&D institute.


  • The device can test 12pcs gas meters simultaneously, adopting series-connection compare method.
  • The device is an ideal testing equipment for gas meter factory and testing institute.
  • The standard meter is sonic nozzle, none movable orifice union, which ensures stability and reliability of the test bench. The test bench can test flow points Qmax. 0.2Qmax. and Qmin of gas meter G1.6, G2.5 and G4. Each sonic nozzle is tested by national qualified institute.
  • Test bench adopts single chip microcomputer, high accurate A/D converter and accurate sensor technology, it can calculate the testing result with the tested environment temperature, pressure, this ensures stability and accuracy of test bench.
  • The test bench adopts minus-pressure method, adopting none-oil dry vacuum pump, and ensure the air passing nozzles at critical state.
  • All the testing procedures is controlled by PC and run automatically, the testing results can be saved, printed.
  • Test bench frame is made of industrial aluminum, with prefect outlook and strong structure.

Main Technical Specification

  • Among the pipe system of test bench, the testing range of absolute pressure sensor is 0~1bar, accuracy <0.2%; testing range of micro pressure sensor is -500Pa~500Pa, accuracy <0.5%; testing range of temperature sensor is 0~50C, accuracy <0.2%.
  • Accuracy of test bench <0.5%
  • Quantity of tested meters: 6pcs, 8pcs or 12pcs.
  • Suitable for G1.6, G2.5 and G4 domestic gas meter
  • Working condition: environment temperature 20 °C ±5C
  • Relative humidity 60%—70%
  • Atmosphere pressure 86kPa—106kPa Power supply 220V ±20V ~50H

Structure and working principle
The device consists of air pump, air-controlling pipe, testing pipe, error-calculating system, performance-controlling system, sonic nozzle, test bench frame and PC.

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